Step Outside The Norm

Apple products have been the hottest and at the forefront of all technology for over a decade now. Starting in the seventies the Apple brand distinguished itself for stepping outside of the norm in computing and differentiate themselves from their oring competitors with effective advertising and branding. Apple always set itself apart with its brand image but also based on its products. Where as every other computer company made their product an open-source affair where anyone could change and reprogram it and build it from the inside out Apple set itself apart by locking its computers and making them bought as is. This set them apart from their competition but also made them very controversial at first. However they were able to overcome this and make this not a weakness but a benefit by superlative programming and engineering that gave people what they wanted 98% of the time keeping the experience streamlined and intuitive.

On top of this their branding and marketing and advertising were always on point. The design elements of their products are always sleek and beautiful with a focus on design and the beauty of the products that they create. This emphasis on aesthetics and beauty also set them apart from the competition who were putting out clunky gray boxes that all look the same and have no aesthetic sense or beauty. Apple was also able to differentiate itself and become a hot brand through its creative advertising. Apple created and iconic advertisement for its Macintosh computer that featured during the Super Bowl and had a dramatic scene straight out of the novel 1984 where a woman carrying a hammer destroyed the mouthpiece of the dominating meant to evoke their IBM competition. Click here to find out more. This ad which didn’t feature any computers and it was very controversial at the time but became an icon and set them apart as a hot brand to watch.

These days Apple’s most ubiquitous and famous product is it’s phone. The iPhone has become so common and popular that is now the default device for people in the United States. How are they able to parlay their success from computing into cell phones? The answer is there iPod player. The iPod was a first-of-its-kind device that was able to harness the compression technology of the new MP3s that were coming out and put them in a single-use handheld computer that can be accessed anywhere. This was revolutionary as it was the first time that portable music was possible without any sort of physical media like a CD or a tape necessary. The popularity and ubiquitousness of this product led to a desire for the phone when Apple created it. But this is also in large part due to their establishment of branding and design from the outset. They had such a strong and hot brand presents already from their computing and I iPod that even before the specs of this product came out it was already a huge hit. Combined with the charismatic personality of its CEO Steve Jobs . All of these elements combined to create one of the hottest Trends in technology or any other Market. In the next few blog posts we will describe other brands and markets and discuss what makes them so popular. We will discuss brands of cars as well as further and I accept the concept of branding and marketing. Branding and marketing isn’t just about having a product that works or is unique it is also about advertising. In the next few blog posts we will discuss the role of advertising and making a brand hot as well as the role of new technology like social media that can create hotness.

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