Making a brand hot that’s a lot to do with brand recognition and history as well as what is going on currently. Let’s consider brands of automobiles and cars. There are luxury Brands such as Mercedes and Bugatti. These brands have a brand cachet that is associated with luxury and design as well as superlative engineering. But it is based on the badging alone that gives these cars are premium over say a Toyota or a Honda. However brand hotness and brand loyalty can be developed through brand history as well. Let’s consider Ford trucks which have changed very little technologically and are not necessarily at the forefront of technology but are consistently the most popular trucks in all of the United States. Brands that are extremely hot and Automotive sector are the ones that are electric. There is no hotter brand Tesla which is an all-electric brand that is able to generate thousands of pre-orders for its automobiles before they ever even hit the road. This brand hotness comes from a combination of technology and design as well as being at the Forefront of a technology that is still very exciting and outside the norm of most car manufacturers. Tesla has invested billions of dollars into designing cars that are not only beautiful and technologically advanced but also can be scaled down to a price point that is accessible for more than just a super rich.

The beauty of the Tesla cars is also a big selling point and the beauty of their cars is a big reason for the brand’s hotness. Designed by top-flight designers from other car companies that were brought to Tesla a big reason for the brand’s hotness is the vision and investment of its founder Curlys Musk who is often considered to be one of the most exciting CEOs of our time. Developing the sort of hotness with a car brand is not easy and cost billions of dollars but now that they have achieved it they will be able to parlay this into revenue. Brand hotness is also about social media these days and not just about your product. With the changing of the media market the way to get your brand awareness out there has also shifted. Whereas before you can buy out add space in magazines and on television now with the shifting media consumption of the Target demographic these days if you want your brand to be hot you need to harness the power of Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat in order to cover your bases as far as getting the word out there about your brand and getting it advertised by the tastemakers.

These days followers are the metric for deciding what is worth spending your ad dollars on. For instance YouTube Bloggers with millions of followers or Instagram accounts with millions of followers are paid a handsome return in order to promote certain products to get them into the hands of the Target demographic and the youth and the young people. Millennials are the Target demographic and are very savvy about being advertised to. They don’t like being directed for marketing and targeted in a traditional way. They take personal recommendations very seriously and are more convinced by a personal testimonial than they are by a mass marketing campaign. Brad hotness can also be achieved through special events like concerts and festivals in order to get a brand out there to those who wait BD tastemakers. In the next and last blog post we will discuss conceptually what makes a brand hot and talk about for the strategies to brand and Market your company or product for maximum hotness.

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