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In this discussion of branding and the hottest brands we have been looking at a broad and general scope of brands across all industries and markets. But for these blog posts let us consider each industry individually and dissect what the hottest brands are and why. The first brand market that we will discuss will be the garment and fashion industry. We will start here because more than almost any other brand type the fashion industry bases its monetary worth and its value solely on the repeatability of its trademarked brand names. The innovation of fashion ceased to be the main driver of a brand’s identity and draw a very long time ago. The pair of jeans that you can buy at Costco for $20 will wear as long and last as long as the pair of jeans that you spend $500 for at Chanel .

But people still spend $500 for a Chanel pair of jeans. If we can dissect why this happens and also break down some of the hottest brands of the moment then we can further establish what sort of branding is successful in a way that can make people spend multiples more money based on just a patch or a logo. Let’s start with Chanel as that is one of the most recognized and longest-running and also most expensive brands in all of fashion. Coco Chanel began her empire in France as a female designer who designed high fashion clothes with the woman in mind. Before then most fashion designers were men and they designed uncomfortable clothes that were meant to be beautiful but not comfortable or with any consideration of the woman underneath. Coco Chanel developed dresses in the twenties that were both extremely chic and also comfortable to the woman inside. This and her representation as a designer and a woman of exquisite taste and intelligence helped propel the Chanel brand from a small fashion house into a global juggernaut. With the advent of the Chanel suit with a jacket and skirt Chanel was able to establish itself and has been reigning in women’s fashion world.

This was empowering with the advent of the Chanel suit which was a jacket and skirt the Chanel label became known for its empowerment of women as well as its fine construction and the attention to detail. These days Chanel makes everything from lucite heels to jewelry to sunglasses. Everything with the iconic CC sells very well and is recognized all over the world as a sign of glamour and prestige. Part of the reason why it now is so successful is because it’s iconic logo is easily identifiable and a simple and effective trademark that can be placed on everything from underwear to sunglasses to handbags. Hottest brands are able to maintain their brand cachet and are all about being able to maintain a consistent and innovative reputation. The way that Chanel is able to achieve this is by handling and displaying runway shows at regular intervals that become spectacles and highlight their aspirational items.

Now these items do not actually turn a profit for the company, they created a down market demand for the less-expensive goods and this is what makes the brand successful. Let us discuss another contemporary brand but one that is not as successful and will be a very good example of what not to do.  Abercrombie & Fitch . Abercrombie & Fitch was an extremely successful clothing brand that was able to market itself based on the photography of Bruce Weber who presented iconic images of young hyper-sexualized beautiful men and women frolicking with an All-American twinkle in their eye. Even though these models were wearing little to no clothing the image was so strong that they were able to sell billions of dollars of polo shirts and cargo shorts. However the strength of this brand of marketing was not enough to save Abercrombie & Fitch from a lack of ideas and new styles.

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